JAMBO is the first blockchain advertising technology supported platform, holding the promise of creating a transparent and secure decentralized advertising business environment.

It can achieve value interoperability and database transparency based on a heterogeneous multi-chain interchange and translation architecture named Polkadot.

It not only enables precise analysis of customers’ habits but also accurately pings promotional ads via a large data base, promoting blockchain advertising market and the efficiency of launching digital advertising.



To developers, it is just a matter of choice. But Jambo applies open source technology, allowing users to make their own choices via remaining a large number of customized functions and modules such as underlying communication module, account system, consensus mechanism, etc.


All the operation of application chain allows customers to interoperate within Polkadot ecosystem. It also allows parachains and networks like Bitcoin to interoperate via bridges.


Jambo precisely summarizes users’ profiles. It enables the precise analysis of customers’ habits via a big data base, which accelerates its efficiency in delivering favoured advertisements to satisfy customers’ needs to the maximum.


Jambo takes advantage of the strengths of blockchain to achieve a transparent and trustable decentralized advertising network. Advertisers can use this With this platform, advertisers can make transactions with users within blockchain network, buy advertising sites, and sign media purchase contracts with intelligent contracts, advancing new levels of trust and transparency.


How advertising service can function with blockchain technology can be demonstrated via the service of off-chain oracles.
Blockchain oracles based on off-chain data provide a fundamental layer to query, verify, authenticate external data resources so that they can match appropriate advertising content with on-chain digital media. Matching advertising with engine enables perfect matches among users and advertisement content, meanwhile it also offers certain rewards to the oracle. In this ecosystem, higher quality oracles are able to gain more rewards, allowing them to continuously develop their abilities in processing information as well as linking on-chain with off-chain. It can eventually optimize the environment provision of blockchain ecosystem.



As the first blockchain ad-tech support platform, Jambo has been committed to creating a transparent and credible decentralized advertising industry value ecology. With the Polkadot heterogeneous multi-chain architecture, the platform can realize the value interoperability of different advertising industry chains, make the database transparent, greatly improve the service development of blockchain advertising industry, and accelerate the serving efficiency of digital advertising.


Currently, Dapp such as wallets, games, social networking, and finance are not involved in non-advertising display business, which will become one of Jambo's strategic ecological expansion. Through the Jambo cross-chain slot, both advertisers and channel parties can choose a suitable form of advertising through the Jambo advertising protocol to publish with one click. The audience, the coverage area, the playback period, the number of playbacks, etc. are all recorded on the chain, creating a rich The new ecology of advertising media on the chain leads the development of the blockchain advertising industry.


From the earliest blockchain system that was born to serve Bitcoin, it has now developed into the cutting-edge technology and core of the entire blockchain world. Not only is the technology developing rapidly, but it also reflects the infinite vitality of the blockchain from the side. The development process is extremely fast. This also laid the technical foundation for the future development of the JAMBO platform.

Under the JAMBO ecosystem, the contract system for advertising will no longer exist. Everyone can spread the advertisement. The artificial intelligence system judges how much attention the disseminator's videos, texts, pictures and other parts containing advertisements have attracted, and the system calculates the user rewards for the dissemination based on the attention. Advertising users can also become advertising publishers, and the advertising industry will present a transformative posture.

JAMBO enables the advertising industry service network to provide transparent, efficient and stable communication services for the industry. We insist on improving the convenience for users to participate in blockchain advertising applications, build a large-traffic application landing application ecosystem, gather a new batch of potential development teams to build a large-traffic reference matrix in digital advertising, and affect the traffic circle of multiple industries and communities. Let more people enjoy the dividends of the development of high-traffic applications.

Token System
Introduction of Token
Jambo is the value carrier of Jambo ecology, using Jambo's stable ecosystem to provide the value of long-term effective Jambo growth. The value dividend of the Jambo distributed network can be shared at Jambo by advertisers, channels, or users, and Jambo will be used as the only means of value exchange:

Cross-chain services on Jambo technology platform
Liquidity pledge of Jambo advertising alliance
Exchange media of advertising and channels



JAM is the value carrier of Jambo. The stability of Jambo ecosystem enables permanent effective value growth of JAM. All stakeholders including advertisers, channels and users can share the distributed online valuation and dividends of JAM within Jambo platform. JAM is the only cryptocurrency used for value exchange.

1.Cross-chain services on Jambo technology platform
2.Liquidity Staking of JAMBO advertising alliance
3.Exchange media between advertisements and channels


To effectively increase the number s of advertising alliance builders and ecosystem participants and to promote the ecological growth of blockchain advertising of the platform, Jambo issued a total of 1 billion JAM Token, which is permanent.

To strengthen the development of self-cycle regeneration within JAMBO ecology, JAM, based on Jambo’s advanced technology and rich industry resources, will be launched by the top research and development team in the world after rational planning and construction. As an ecology Token carrier, JAM plays a significant role in making all kinds of decisions within JAMBO ecology. As a fundamental component of global community autonomy, JAM will also provide access for users to have their rights in participating in JAMBO blockchain.



2021 Q3

plan about nodes of open source ecosystems.

2020 Q4

establish strategic relationships with 30 key publishers and global advertisers

2021 Q1

launch Token economic ecology

2021 Q2

launch Mainnet

2020 Q1

build the core technical team

2020 Q2

complete the core technical framework of the project

2020 Q3

connect with Polkadot Ecosystem and form an advisory committee